Going organic, so far

Well, yesterday was interesting. My first attempt at being/buying organic was a flop. Granted, all I did was nip into my local Co-op on my way home, but where I would normally have picked up some fairtrade or locally (British) grown fruit, I was unable to, in favour of trying to buy organic this month.

Later, a had a quick jaunt through town and went to three supermarkets (so now I have covered my four closest ones) and a greengrocer. ALL I was able to purchase was a bunch of organic bananas, which were curiously cheaper than fairtrade ones, and some organic kiwifruits from Sainsbury’s. The only other organic option available was apples – which were from New Zealand, and I am sorry, but that doesn’t sit well with me at all – organic or not.


ORGANIC fairtrade bananas £0.87


Fairtrade bananas £0.90


Organic with ridiculous food miles


kiwi fruit £1.10 £0.183 per kiwi


ORGANIC kiwi fruit £1.00 £0.25 per kiwi










On my way home I remembered I was out of cereal. I think this one is going to hurt, because – let’s face it: don’t you want a nice hit of sugar and chemicals in the mornings? I do! So I popped into my local health food shop to see what delightful cereal I could purchase organically. I chose the most exciting looking one, which I have yet to sample as I couldn’t face it this morning. I am not accustomed to paying £2.99 for my breakfast cereal, I tend to buy what is on offer and go with it – letting price dictate my choice!

As I was there, something caught my eye: tortilla chips. I usually keep a stock of these at home, as I don’t eat crisps (potatoes) if I can help it. At £2.99, I am already way over my usual price. My staples in this department are Tesco Value at £0.45!!!

20160609_160221 20160609_160229








So the scores on the doors so far are these:

items Regular/previous price Organic price difference Running totals
avocados £1.75 £2.00 £0.25 £0.25
bananas £0.90 £0.87 -£0.03 £0.22
kiwis £0.73 (4 kiwis) £1.10 £0.37 £0.59
cereal £1.99 (last purchase) £2.99 £1.00 £1.59
tortilla chips £0.45 £2.99 £2.54 £4.13
  £5.82 £9.95   £4.13

I realise when doing this, that my computer skills are shite. So I can’t make this look the way I want and have just wasted half an hour trying to do so. And I am hungry.

I am now going to make some lunch from my organic veg box (which is nothing new to my life, I have been doing this for over a year), possibly with some non-organic meat, as that’s what I have in stock. I shall then eat my organic fruit as well. I am not touching my organic tortilla chips (at that price!) until I really really want them, and have no other option. This is going to have to be a frugal month, as my recent purchases are almost double what I would normally spend.

I am going to have to buy a new face wash pretty soon… suggestions?

About graceeliz

Many years ago I met someone who said: "Don't know what you want to do with your life? Teach English as a foreign language, then you can travel the world. Best thing I've ever done!" That got me thinking. Research was done. Course booked in Barcelona. Certificate gained. 5 years living in Barcelona working as an English teacher. Done! Where to next? Check out my blog! 5 years in Barcelona, 6 months in Slovakia, 2 years in Australia... and now I am home in Somerset. We'll see if I can stop the itch in my feet...
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2 Responses to Going organic, so far

  1. lovelyjo says:

    You could go to Lush to find a face wash…you might be able to find something that will last a long time?


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