SWCP #36b Porthoustock to Helford



The Half Way point was reached finally! Probably about 2 or 3 months later than I wanted or had hoped to, but reached nevertheless! We were joined by DP for her first walk, and CW came back again – having recovered from his previous North Devon walk SWCP walk #3 Lynmouth to Combe Martin.

If you read my last post you’ll know that the logistics of walking are far more complicated than just a set of legs on the coast path, and this was no exception…

6 people, in three cars meant it went something like this: JC picked up DP and drove to Porthoustock. RS & I drove to Helford, where we met LN & CW who had also driven there. I drove 4 of us to Porthoustock, we all walked to Helford and then it got complicated again. CW drove me and JC back to Porthoustock to collect our cars. He then went back to Helford to collect DP, RS & LN. JC and I drove separately to our accommodation in Falmouth, where we all met at roughly the same time, to celebrate walking 315 miles of the coast path!

December 14th 2019

  • Start: Porthoustock, Cornwall


    Half Way!!!

  • Finish: Helford, Cornwall
  • Mileage: 10 m
  • Guide book timing: 4.75
  • Actual timing: 4.5hrs
  • Grading: moderate.
  • Weather: 7 deg, cloud and sun.
  • Walkers: me, & JC, RS, LN, CW & DP.
  • Miles to date: 324 m

Funnily enough, depsite it being one of the most complicated commutes, it was one of the easiest we’d done and we finished at a comfortable hour! We arrived in Porthallow less than an hour after leaving Porthoustock. Those few miles were fairly uninteresting: cutting inland through some farmland, which was poorly signposted. Porthallow itself is little more than a beach with some fishermen’s cottages, and probably tourist struggling for parking in the summer. It marks a monumental half way point for many a walker, as exactly 315miles from either end.

December sunshine accompanied us onto the clifftops towards Nare Head and Nare Point.


We found a spot for our elevenses near Men-aver Beach, in a tiny little garden, whose table we made use of standing around for cake and flasks of tea. From here, a short diversion to avoid erosion, along some wet wooded pathways until we got to Gillan Creek.





From Gillan Creek, it’s possible to cross at low tide. You can follow signs past houses, pointing out the crossing points and warning you not to do so in high water.

What looked innocent from afar was indeed a fast flowing and deeper than our boots, so wasn’t really crossable. This means you have to walk up and down the creek – not too far, but fairly flat and boring. We got to St Anthony-in-Meneage and found a combination of a wall and a bench to scoff some sarnies, before setting off upwards to Dennis Head.

Beyond Dennis Head, which I don’t seen to have any photos of, we entered some woodland somewhere between Ponsence Cove and Bosahan Cove I found a curious object. On stopping to inspect, we all became rather curious as to how, what we believe to be a skeleton of a dolphin had got up onto the coast path some 30-40 metres above water…

After we’d googled and discussed the bones of the mystery animal, we were on the home straight, heading for Helford way before dusk – a first for a long time!

Thank yous and mentions

  • To the tireless drivers for making the impossible, possible!IMG_20191214_154720 Thank you always!
  • The ShipWright Arms for a warm and welcome pint at the end of the walk. I am sure DP, LN and RS enjoyed a second one whilst waiting for the drivers to return!
  • Once we arrived in Falmouth, 5 of us spent the night at the truly delightful Bosanneth Guest House. Very welcoming to weary walkers, excellent breakfast and stylish, comfortable rooms. Such a treat for us – much as I have loved camping, to fall into a cosy bed at the end of an evening was a wonderful way to reach (over) half way!


  • You can do anything if you set your mind to it. Up until now, it’s been a challenge, but one that’s well, well worth it. I cannot recommend it enough – if you are lucky enough to have willing drivers and a good pair of boots then get out there and walk!
  • Here’s what I wrote when we got to the half way point: SWCP – half way…

The Charity Bit

When I did this walk, I had raised over £300 – I believe I was on target for raising £1/mile. I am now considerably further along the path and continuing to raise money and awareness for Anthony Nolan through my walks and from donations on my Just Giving page.

If you have any comments or questions, please post them below 🙂



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